Announcing CFMumps Web Development Framework
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Author:  jollis [ Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Announcing CFMumps Web Development Framework

Announcing CFMumps Web Development Framework

Coherent Logic Development is pleased to announce the initial public beta release of the CFMumps web development framework.
Providing high-level access to MUMPS data and functions to the Railo open-source implementation of the ColdFusion web development
environment, CFMumps opens up MUMPS applications to an established, well-supported web development product.

Highlights of CFMumps include:

* ColdFusion language: write MUMPS web applications using the XML-like, tag-based CFML markup language, or the JavaScript-like
CFScript language

* A simple and intuitive API for familiar MUMPS operations such as get, set, data, order, query, lock, unlock, kill, and merge

* Access to existing MUMPS functions through a similarly intuitive API

* Writing CFML data structures to MUMPS globals transparently, and reading entire globals and global sub-trees into CFML data structures

* Flexible connectivity: connects to the MUMPS database with either the high-performance GTMJI-based in-process connector for GT.M, or
the flexible TCP/IP connector for GT.M or Cache, using the free and open-source M/Wire protocol by Rob Tweed of M/Gateway Developments Ltd.

* Data integrity: CFMumps' high-level operations getObject() and setObject() support the reading and writing of globals having nodes
containing both data and child subscripts, producing CF data structures that, when converted to JSON, are conformant to David Wicksell's
JSON-M specification, allowing you to access existing MUMPS data, regardless of its structure.

* Flexible programming model: use any client-side framework you wish. Write applications synchronously or asynchronously. The choice
is yours.

* Hailstorm VDE: An Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine image containing everything you need to begin developing CFMumps applications
out-of-the-box, including plugins for the vim, Emacs, and Eclipse editing environments.

* Object-Oriented architecture: CFMumps uses object-oriented ColdFusion Components (CFCs) to provide a flexible and robust framework

* Comprehensive documentation: CFMumps has comprehensive reference documentation in the wiki section of its GitHub page

* Flexible licensing: CFMumps is available by default under the GNU Affero General Public License v3, or under the Apache license
by special arrangement with Coherent Logic Development

* Long-term support: CFMumps' API was carefully designed, and we do not intend to replace it with an incompatible product later.
You can develop MUMPS web applications with confidence.

* Future plans: In development for a future release are integrated, high-level components for accessing VA FileMan data, the VistA
RPC broker, and secure authentication to a VistA instance. Stay tuned.

We encourage you to check out CFMumps at

There is a blog post with the first of several installments of a CFMumps tutorial at ... troduction

The Hailstorm VDE virtual machine is available at

There is a CFMumps community forum at!forum/cfmumps-community as well as the CFMumps IRC channel #cfmumps
on the FreeNode IRC network.

To demonstrate our confidence in the viability of CFMumps, note that the Coherent Logic Development website at is
fully implemented in CFMumps.

Author:  jordancaver123 [ Tue Jun 05, 2018 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Announcing CFMumps Web Development Framework


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