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Author:  Hayes Muller [ Sat Feb 18, 2012 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Hello folks

Hi Mumpster freinds. My name is Fabio and I'm a 38 yrs. Computer Engineer. Nowadays I'm a bookstore owner trying to survive but I had worked for a gran french IT corporation for more than 10 yrs. I know Basic, C, Assembler, Pascal, cobol and all these things that we had to learn at university but I never was a pro programmer. Recently I got addicted to Databases as I had to develop one to use at the bookstore and I got astonished with the number of useless Db around. Too hard to learn, to hard to master, to hard to implement and everything else. As I deal with compmputer since pre-pc era, I got so frustated with this mess around DB nowadays that I went back to Dataperfect , the DB from Wordperfect that still rocks, besides its "doswear". I didn't remember Mumps, in fact I never learned it, just heard about from some OpenVMS guys, what it's a shame. After I read an article at newsletter called "Join the M revolution" I guess why I didn't have heard about it before. It's all the I was looking for. The first thing to do was looking for some place which I could learn something and I ended up at this group and became very happy with what I read. You are in the right track and I sure we'll learn a lot of things together. I'm waiting anxiously your books as it's been kind difficult to find a start point in the web and I think you'll give some direction to the newcomers. I quite interested also in M because I think we can use in some future projects at local public health care centers in my city. I live in Brazil and the core health system is public with all problems that you could imagine and for sure we are a little bit behind US at the regulatory system. But I think we can use the experience of what will happening in US to start some projects here and for sure Mumps should be part of it.

Best Regards...

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