Hello from Paul Perrin
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Author:  pperrin [ Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:31 am ]
Post subject:  Hello from Paul Perrin

Hi - I wrote an intro, but it doesn't seem to have appeared... all that typing! sheesh! Anyhow.

I am a UK based freelance developer - mainly web stuff (server and client) but also some desktop and database.

I started with DSM on PDP's and Vax in the 80's at Hoskyns in London, moving on to Datatree Mumps, then some Cache. I love Mumps as a language for data manipulation, but I moved onto other technologies to further my personal/technical development.

Claims to fame: I was on the MTA-UK&I board for a period, I believe I was the originator of the idea of making user defined SSVN's part fo the language, for a while I was #1 on the Brainbench site for Mumps.

I found this site while looking for an online copy of an article I had published in the MTA magazine (when it was a big, colour, printed thing) - "It's a simple language so I call it M'ish" about a Mumps interpreter I wrote on the PC using Delphi (a pascal like language by Borland).

Now SQL is being found to not scale well in the days of 'big distributed data' denomalised databases are making a come back - and any one who has used Mumps will know that it is fantastic for this purpose. So I thought I'd get my old code out and see if I could get some mileage out of it. Mapping web API's onto SSVN's as virtual databases etc...

In the short term, I think I will write a prog to convert M to javascipt and use firebase (a new database technology) for persistence.

So hello Mumpsters!

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