CCSM - Comp Consultants Standard MUMPS
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Author:  whitten [ Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  CCSM - Comp Consultants Standard MUMPS

CCSM was a Standard Mumps that was originally written for the Motorola 6800 processor.
It then was ported to the 6809, and eventually to the x86 architecture.

Comp Consultants Standard MUMPS was the brain child of David B Brown, who used MUMPS at the Sakowitz Surgical Lab at Methodist Hospital in Houston TX. He and Kirt Walker worked Sakowitz together. David's brother Frank Brown was a Computer Science Professor at University of Texas in Austin, TX, and did a lot of work on Data Structures such as Red-Black Trees and B-Trees. John Kennedy was involved in a lot of the compiler design for CCSM and the self-reflective interpreter/tokeniser.

CCSM was a complete Standard MUMPS implementation and only vaguely DSM or ISM compatible.

CCSM Local variables were not solely based in memory, and could be swapped in and out of disk, just like Global variables, but were guaranteed to be deleted when the job ended.

CCSM didn't really have a partition, but it did maintain the illusion of one to help new programmers get up to speed faster.

All the "Z" commands for CCSM were converted into subroutine calls. For example ZH "foo" became a subroutine call to D ^%ZH with the text "foo" stored in a special $Z variable. This is similar to what DataTree MUMPS did later.

The initial CCSM implementation had only a short subroutine stack and a limited number of indirection levels. Implementation of VA FileMan 15.8 put stresses on the code, and caused some redesigns to the system for the better, increasing the hard limits coded into the implementation so that FileMan worked better.

Author:  toad [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CCSM - Comp Consultants Standard MUMPS

Wasn't CCSM or some flavor of it the version of MUMPS that used to be called MacMUMPS?

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